Eleveté is a real estate investment, development and management company that was founded in 2010.

OUR MISSION IS TO IDENTIFY PROJECTS to which we can make a unique contribution that will optimize profitability for our partners and investors.

WE RELY ON OUTSTANDING PROFFESIONALS to provide transformational value and to develop a quality brand based on the principles essential to a long term project (trust, exclusivity, financial solvency and excellence).

SINSE 2020 WE HAVE BEEN GUIDED by the Royal Institution of Charteres Surveyors (RICS) and follow the highest standars of professionalism and integrity in the sector worldwide.

Investment & Development

In 2014 we began to invest in and transform urban spaces through the creation of Eleveté Invest Group. Our approach focuses on the following:

A. Identification: the exploration of unique opportunities, inspection, measurement, anylisis, market study, valuation and negotiation.

B. Structuring: optimization ar all leves –technical, urbanistic, financial, fiscal and legal– prior to the acquisition of the property. The participation of a co-investor.

C. Transformation: development, drive and culmination of a project through creativity, effective management and teamwork.

D. Commercialization: independently managed and in collaboration with sales and rental agencies.


Eleveté was founded in the midst of the economic recession to market (with exclusive rights) some of Madrid’s most singular/outstanding projects. We have worked with clients and investors in Spain, Switzerland, Australia, the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. We offer:

Repositioning, marketing, communication and sales. We have worked with major property developers in the sale of residential buildings such as Salustiano 11, Torre Madrid and Alfonso XII for anf amount/value that exceeds €100 million.

Trusted advisory. An understanding of the needs and management of expectations regarding the achievement of the goals that have been established (fundraising, etc.). Optimal relations with clients, partners and investors worldwide.

A culture of impartiality, commitment, confidentiality and transparency to avoid any conflict of interest.

Salustiano 11

Torre de Madrid

Alfonso XII, 24

Antonio Maura 12

O´Donnell, 28